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I have many great WOWO memories as a young radio listener:

Hearing Jack Underwood, Stu Collins and Bob Dell during the summer on the radio in our garage when I was maybe 4, 5, 6 years old...

Seeing the WOWO personalities for the first time at an Air Aces basketball game at the Bluffton High School gym.

Dark winter mornings, praying to hear Bob Sievers, Jay Gould or Dugan Fry announce "Bluffton-Harrison Metropolitan School District," as they plowed through the list of snow closings...

My daily paper route, listening to the dynamic energy of "Young Chris" Roberts every afternoon on my big, bulky headphone radio.

Discussing the previous night's Ron Gregory Show over lunch in the school cafeteria and laughing again at the gags starring Bodie the Janitor and the Real Rick Marr with "The Hollyweird Report."

Then one day in the fall of 1979, after filling out a career survey in high school, I received a postcard in the mail. It was an invitation to join a group of other students to produce a new Sunday night public affairs show called "Mikeside." That was how I somehow slipped in the door at WOWO.

Over the next decade, I had the chance to work with and become friends with these great broadcasters I listened to as a youngster. Since then, I've been blessed to work for some of the nation's largest radio groups and networks. But without a doubt, the most special time in my career was those years as a small part of the WOWO family.

Today's version of WOWO is much different. WOWO's legendary nightime signal, the music and Group W are all long gone, but today's WOWO is again number one in Fort Wayne and is once again owned by an Indiana broadcasting company.

This site is dedicated to the history of that earlier WOWO. Although I am the caretaker of this site, it would never have been possible without the kind assistance of many others. We hope this site brings back some great memories of the station that truly was "A Great Place To Be!"

Randy Meyer
June 2009


Recently, HistoryOfWOWO.com was featured in an article in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, which coincided with WOWO's 85th anniversary.




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